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Celo Tribe
(Web3 Social Club)
For Universities

Celo Tribe club” for Universities is an incubator program designed to nurture Celo’s forth coming community with the resources they require to learn and fully understand how and what they could build in Celo as they learn within their social circles and community groups.

Celo Tribe is a dynamic and innovative organization committed to inspiring, educating, and empowering youth worldwide through the transformative power of Celo. Founded by a visionary team led by Hawwal, Celo Tribe emerged from the realization of the immense potential of youth worldwide and their vital role in driving technological innovation. With a profound passion for Web3 and a mission to promote collaboration, Celo Tribe seeks to create a fully functional community of young minds in Celo across universities around the world.

Celo tribe kicked off operations from West Africa Nigeria and will be moving on to other institutions across the continent in the coming months. More updates will be posted subsequently.

Celo Tribe’s target audience comprises of ambitious and curious youth. These students and young professionals, enrolled in various disciplines across universities in the region, seek knowledge, collaboration, and opportunities for personal and professional growth within the Celo ecosystem. They are passionate about technology, innovation, and making a positive impact in their communities. Celo Tribe recognises the potential of this young demographic to drive technological innovation and shape the future of Web3. By engaging and empowering this target audience, Celo Tribe aims to provide them with the necessary knowledge and tools to thrive in the evolving digital landscape. The organisation also acknowledges the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and seeks to expose students from diverse fields of study to the opportunities and applications of Celo in their respective disciplines.

Founded by a visionary team led by Hawwal, Celo Tribe emerged as a result of recognising the immense potential of youths in within universities and their role in driving technological innovation. With a deep passion for Web3 and a mission to foster the incoming era of builders, Celo Tribe aims to build fully functional web3 communities in universities across the globe.

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