The Celo Tribe Club

Celo is transitioning to an Ethereum L2, join the community discussion. Read more here.

Celo Tribe Club

“Celo Tribe club” for Universities is an incubator program designed to nurture Celo’s forthcoming community.

Innovative Global Community

Celo Tribe is a vibrant and innovative organisation dedicated to inspiring, educating, and empowering the youth in across the world through the transformative power of the Celo blockchain.

Founded by a visionary team led by Hawwal, Celo Tribe emerged as a result of recognising the immense potential of youths in within universities and their role in driving technological innovation. With a deep passion for Web3 and a mission to foster the incoming era of builders, Celo Tribe aims to build fully functional web3 communities in universities across the globe.

See what's possible with Celo

Decentralized Payments

 Payments made more accessible by allowing people to pay with multiple forms of currency.

Mobile DeFi

Our ultralight client makes it easier than ever for the 6.6 B smartphone users across the world to build on the blockchain.


Build dApps in the ecosystem with the resources and integration to design with real-world users in mind.

Access Global Ecosystems

Over 1,000 projects from 150+ countries build with Celo to forward the mission of creating prosperity for all.

Celo allows mobile users worldwide to use cryptocurrencies to make simple financial transactions through its native blockchain.

Build Together and Prosper

Mobile First

Celo is scaling Ethereum with real-world solutions, leading a thriving new digital economy for all. Mobile-first makes Web3 universally accessible. With low cost, multi-currency gas fees and an ultra client, transactions are lightning fast.

The building blocks to scale big ideas

Integrate once, then scale to any size. Celo's ecosystem ensures seamless composability across systems, so you never have to worry about fragmented systems or shared chains.

A regenerative path towards prosperity

Think and build bigger with our rich ReFi ecosystem using assets and primitives native to Celo.


Purposeful. Permissionless.

Celo’s mission is to build a regenerative digital economy that creates conditions of prosperity for all.

Our Events

Celo Tribe Sponsors Universities Paint & Chill Event.

Under Celo Tribe’s mandate to introduce web3 and the Celo blockchain to societies foundational structures which happens to be educational institutions or universities

Learning within their social circles and community

Vibrant and innovative organization dedicated to inspiring, educating, and empowering the youths.

Cash giveaways up to $200 USD were given broken into $50 USD cash incentives for various trivia’s and tasks organised by the Celo tribe committee.

Nurturing Celo’s forthcoming community with the resources to learn and build.

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