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Welcome to the Celo tribe we wish you an awesome time of learning, sharing and building.


Web3 isn’t a mystical word anymore to most of us, and millions of people around the world have begun adopting its new features in their financial daily transactions and of course you must have heard of “NFTs” which became a major phenomenon in the art space and has in the process uplifted so many artists worldwide.

Well, I just might be speaking for myself and this may be super new to you however, I’m glad you are willing to explore. The internet is filled with so much information and sometimes we may get lost in it. Well, this web3 course outline is designed to bring to you all the necessary information needed for you to get started on your journey in web3 learning, interacting and building on the fastest growing layer-one protocol “Celo”.

Celo is a fully EVM compatible proof-of-stake layer-one protocol, featuring a fast, ultralight client designed for mobile, with the ability to have transaction fees paid with tokens or stablecoins.

Millions of people around the world already benefit from assets and applications built on Celo and you are about to be one.

Welcome to the Celo tribe and I wish you an awesome time of learning, sharing and building.

About Author:

Hawwal Ogungbadero is the founder of Blaqk Stereo, an all-round creative and a Guinness world record champion for the longest recording session with multiple artists which was an initiative to provide a platform for young upcoming music artists in his community to showcase their talents. He is a crypto enthusiast and has been actively building in web3 for 4 years across networks. He’s committed to his one goal of providing sustainable life changing solutions through the use of web3 based technologies.

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